3 Simple Tick Control Strategies

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Ticks are something that most people have seen or heard of throughout their life, as they are prevalent hunters that can cause a myriad of diseases to develop if they latch onto you for longer than 24 hours. They drink blood, much like mosquitos, and need it in order to reproduce. If you don’t want to be a meal, you can take some simple steps to reduce and control ticks.

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Maintain the Yard

Ticks like to hide in shady places, which makes tall grass one of the places they may find ideal. They enjoy tall grass, as it allows them to find a host and latch onto them and begin feeding. To control ticks in your yard, keep the lawn trimmed and make sure that litter and detritus is now allowed to pile up, as it may become a home for ticks.

Create a Barrier

It may sound as if you’re fighting a war when doing tick control raleigh, but even a simple barrier can be enough to greatly reduce the amount of ticks you run into while at home. Barriers can be made of wood chips, gravel, and other materials to keep wooded areas separate from your yard and keep ticks from crossing into your territory.

Use Repellents

Repellents are another way to keep the ticks in your area at bay. There are several different kinds of repellents that perform differently and contain various ingredients. Natural repellents are also available, making you an unappetizing meal for ticks. Clothing may also be treated with permethrin, which keeps ticks from hitching a ride and protects wearers.

Ticks don’t have to run wild in or around your home – you can take control with these tick control methods. Maintain the yard throughout the year, create a barrier between your home and wooded areas, and use repellents to keep ticks away.