The Most Common Signs of an Overloaded Circuit in Your Home

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An overloaded circuit is dangerous and a problem one must notice and address as soon as possible. This issue occurs when too many appliances are plugged into the same circuit. It is a common problem and relatively easy to fix. Either remove some of the electrical sources or phone a professional to upgrade the circuits in the home. The first option is the least expensive and complex of the two options as you probably imagine.

Do you know the signs of an overloaded circuit? Many people do not, but we’ll change that with the list below. It is vital to understand the signs of an overloaded circuit so you can take action and prevent mishaps before they occur. Your life is important and so is electrical safety.

Some of the most common signs of an overloaded circuit include:

·    Sluggish appliances

·    Circuit breakers keeps tripping and shutting off for no obvious reason

·    Flickering or dimming lights

·    Buzzing noises coming from the switches and/or the outlets

·    Outlets that are warm to touch

·    Burning smell coming from the outlets and/or the circuit breaker

·    Lack of power

·    Scorched plugs

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This is not a complete list of signs of an overloaded circuit, but the most common. Don’t ignore the issues or wrongly assume they’re ‘no big deal.’ it takes little time for an accident to occur that could devastate your family.

Overloaded circuits can melt the wiring and lead to a fire. If you notice the above signs at your home, do not waste time and reach out to a professional to schedule electrical service phoenix as quickly as possible. With prompt repair service, you keep family and your home safe and secure against the potential dangers that may occur.